SPARBAR is fuelling an unprecedented hype around boxing, which is about training punching and defensive skills intuitively and with fun - suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender or fitness level.

SPARBAR not only revolutionizes martial arts, but also makes boxing as a sport accessible to everyone. Highest user interaction teaches offensive and defensive core skills, hand-eye coordination, footwork, balance, speed, endurance, accuracy, timing and strength.

SPARBAR is the inventor of the boxing, MMA and fitness training device of the same name, which quickly became a worldwide sensation. Founded in 2013 and based on more than 20 years of professional boxing experience, the brand with its innovative concept of training with the simulation of a human sparring partner has paved the way for martial arts training at home.

Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world are revolutionizing their fitness routine with this innovative fitness concept that burns calories faster than a cardio program. Children and fitness beginners discover SPARBAR as an easily accessible tool for powerful training that is fun.

It is important to remain vigilant - because SPARBAR strikes back! The height-adjustable, life-size fitness machine works as a boxing trainer. It comes with a horizontal striking bar with target markers that rotate 360 ​​° to strike back - keep moving or go on defense or you will take a hit! Train your mindfulness and aim at the head target above the rotating bar.

Over 300 million video views have been generated by fans of intuitive boxing training and its celebrity users such as Anthony Joshua, Anderson Silva, Conor McGregor, Roy Jones Jr, Usher, Kevin Hart, Michael Bisping, and Jon "Bones" Jones.

SPARBAR has become an absolute trend in the home fitness experience, while more and more fitness studios are commissioning the brand to set up an entire boxing area with the intuitive SPARBAR devices. "In an 8 year journey, we've grown into an organic brand by truly defining innovation from concept to launch," says London-based founder Jasvinder "Jazz" Gill.

SPARBAR is a purposeful and social brand. Martial arts YouTube sensation Master Wong was commissioned for the SPARBAR children and youth academy. “We are committed to developing the next generation of future world champions. And we try to get children off the streets, ”says Jazz. In the UK, over 40 children and teenagers are currently receiving a free SPARBAR home gym and professional care. Children like the 13-year-old kickboxing world champion, Sandee Muay Thai champion and K1 British champion Tiah Ayton and the 19-year-old Olympic champion of the youth, Karol Itauma, are the heartbeat of SPARBAR and (unplanned) became the secret recipe for the viral success of the brand on social media.

SPARBAR accompanies a new generation on their way - a generation that stands for self-empowerment and inclusive communities. SPARBAR is headed by a diverse and committed team and an international advisory board, including boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. The brand is officially endorsed by the Atlantic Boxing Hall of Fame.



July 17, 2020