A new era of boxing

Innovation and social responsibility


The SPARBAR® brand was born in the UK. The company story is one of innovation, hard risks, entrepreneurship, failures and massive successes, about talent development, community and giving back. 



SPARBAR® brand founder Jasvinder "Jazz" Gill has always had a love for boxing. While training, he came across the idea of a sparring device for boxing training - an interactive alternative to the static punch bag. Jazz immediately had the vision to bring this concept to market and began developing the SPARBAR® PRO.


Launching the SPARBAR PRO®

After 2 years of development and stress testing, Jazz launched the SPARBAR PRO® - a sparring partner designed for individual boxing fitness training which helps develop hand-eye-coordination, footwork, balance, speed, stamina and accuracy. 

The SPARBAR® PRO went immediately viral after an introduction at the Leisure Industry Week expo at no other place than NEC Birmingham - the UK's largest event space.

2018 - Our Ambassador and Community development programs are supported by company equity so our growth is shared collectively.


We have activated gyms globally with our innovative equipment to ensure that they have the very best tools to support their journey through sports participation.


SPARBAR® ambassador program

With the SPARBAR® PRO receiving massive global attention in the boxing industry, and being backed by celebrity pro boxers, Jazz launched the SPARBAR® ambassador program in 2018 with kids & youth talent development programs in local boxing gyms in the UK and now around the world.


Brand Renewal

The SPARBAR® brand renews itself. A new company structure of the Sparbar Ltd. UK and reliable manufacturers enable the precision development and the launch of the SPARBAR® PRO 3.0 series, and the SPARBAR® Reflex Bar launch.



A turn-over of over $1 Mio leads to the expansion with partners in the USA. Sparbar Inc. is born as the North American distributor and IP licensee of the U.K. created SPARBAR® boxing and fitness equipment.

The year of the home workout during the pandemic leads to accelerated growth. The SPARBAR® PRO proofs to be a fun workout where anyone can learn boxing skills intuitively from the comfort (and in this year safety) of their home.

Global sports management superstar Amy Zhou joins the Advisory Board of Sparbar, Inc. as a strong force to help strengthening the SPARBAR® IP portfolio, and with the shared vision of creating a legacy brand.


SPARBAR® Pro 4.0 and 4X series

The SPARBAR® brand releases the newest edition of its viral workout equipment including the SPARBAR® Pro 4.0 and 4X series. We set a new bar in boxing as a movement with this latest design-centric edition, manufactured for high stress loads.

The SPARBAR® brand returns to the NEC Birmingham for the first ever Arnold Sports Festival in the UK accompanied by SPARBAR® Athletic Director Roy Jones Jr., “Fighter of the Decade” for the 1990s.


THE SPARBAR® SB1 Collection

The SPARBAR® combat line is designed for a premium boxing experience. The SB1™ Collection includes a fine selection of heavy punch bags such as the SB1 Heavy Angle™. Handcrafted from 100% genuine cowhide leather, the punch bag comes in an hourglass shape simulating body curvature.

Explore striking targets, speed balls or training noodles for a dynamic sparring experience. Head guards, body protectors, gloves and accessories are also available in a kids' edition for champions in the making.

The advanced ergonomic design and artisanal finishes of premium fabrics help to develop speed, power and accuracy for signature strikes. All SPARBAR®-branded fitness products are stress tested to satisfy the world's heaviest hitters, yet are designed for anyone - no matter what age, gender or fitness level - to enjoy exceptional resistance and rhythm in a boxing workout.