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Your hands are the most important bit of kit you own. You need to protect them at all costs. No excuses. That’s why ours have been made specifically for a firm yet flexible fit, giving your fists the protection they need to hit harder, faster for longer.


Whether you’re training or competing, blows to the head are inevitable. Which is why, when it comes to protective wear, we don’t hold any punches. Each headguard is tested and tested again to ensure it can withstand, and absorb, hit after hit, time after time.


No session needs a set-back. That’s why our protective equipment is rigorously tested and developed to maximise safety and minimise injury for Beginners, Professionals, Trainers and Coaches. In fact, all of our products are built to go toe-to-toe with some of the hardest hitters in the world.


Every bag in our range – from synthetic to luxury leather - is handcrafted and double-stitched to withstand the hardest of heavyweight workouts. Long-lasting and durable materials combine with ergonomic design to deliver the perfect training accessories for the gym or the home.