NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SPARBAR, the original pioneer of SPARBAR™ boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and fitness equipment, is proud to announce Karol Itauma, 19, as an official brand ambassador, and to become part of his journey in high-performance sports and entrepreneurship. 

Karol is now a professional boxer awaiting his debut, as an amateur achieved Youth Olympic Gold and 8 English National titles. He met SPARBAR founder Jasvinder "Jazz" Gill in 2019 at the social event "Gloves up knives down".

SPARBAR's mission is to make boxing accessible to anyone. "They're considering everyone's needs, and it's a great thing to be part of, because not only does it open the market to a wider range of audience, but it will also encourage people who perhaps wouldn't get involved in boxing," Karol says.

About boxing as a sport he adds, "The average individual looks at boxing and thinks it's just a violent sport, two people who get in the ring to fight. But it requires perseverance, determination, all this makes you in my opinion a better person. It teaches you discipline and respect as well. Without boxing I wouldn't be the person that I am today."

The discipline he learned from boxing, Karol is now bringing into his business activities. The 19-year-old works in a financial firm where he learns all about that sweet outcome when you invest instead of spend. "Ever since I moved into my first property, through the help of my mentor Jamie Smith-Thompson. A big passion for property investing was sparked, hence each day I'm trying to increase my knowledge in this area, alongside working towards becoming a World Champion. I have already started to utilise what I've been learning, by slowly eliminating expenditure on unnecessary liabilities, and instead look for ways to acquire assets. This way, I can effectively prepare for my professional contests, while planting seeds, to reap in the near future."

Together with his brother Enriko Itauma, 15, already a double European champion in boxing, and Samuel, an aspiring footballer, he is about to launch a clothing line 'ITAUMA Clothing'. About Karol joining to become a SPARBAR ambassador, founder Jazz says: "We are proud to have a talent of Karol's league signed for our Youth Ambassadorship program. We believe he has the potential to follow the likes of Anthony Joshua, who also earned the gold medal at the Olympics before becoming a boxing world champion. With SPARBAR we have the possibility to unite the highest spectrum in the boxing world with the potential of the future. And we aspire to support Karol on his way as a professional boxer, and also on his entrepreneurial activities."

"In my boxing career, I have had the ups and downs - you go through hard days, however, if you carry on you will come out from the other side and achieve what you want," says Karol, who is part of an athletes generation who aims for dual careers. "I'm really excited about what the future holds," he adds.

If you are an ambitious athlete in boxing or MMA that would like to join the SPARBAR ambassadorship program, apply via the website


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A global sports fitness brand, SparBar is proud of its position as the inventors of the global combat sensation that known the world over as SPARBAR™. Founded in 2013 and backed by over 20 years of real boxing experience, we have single-handedly changed the fight game with our innovative concept of training without a sparring partner.

Used by world champions, international celebrities, world-leading gyms and with over 300M+ social media video views, SparBar's success ensures that we are not just pioneers, but game-changers in the combat sports training equipment market. SparBar™ is the key to learning core fundamental boxing skills and developing hand-eye coordination as you build footwork, balance, speed, stamina, accuracy and power, simulating realistic sparring in a safe environment.

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