SPARBAR, the original pioneer of SPARBAR™ boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and fitness equipment, is excited to introduce Amy Zhou as part of its international, renowned committee of Board Advisors

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Currently best known as the promotion agent for Floyd Mayweather in Asia, Amy Zhou is a professional international sports culture broker and manager, with over 200 elite Olympians on her promotional books, and being an Olympic gold medalist herself. On joining SPARBAR on the Board of Athletic Directors, Amy says: "We have a mutual goal, a mutual interest in our industry boxing and athletics."

The SPARBAR legends: Announcing global sports management superstar Amy Zhou on the Board of Athletic Directors
The SPARBAR legends: Amy Zhou

Amy owns a Mayweather Boxing+Fitness studio franchise at Times Square, NYC. She chairs the United Nations Sports Culture Foundation, is president of the American-China Sports Association Inc., the CEO of the Universal Sports & Entertainment Group Inc., and the CEO of AMZ Sports Group.

SPARBAR founder Jasvinder "Jazz" Gill on signing with Amy: "I am very honored to have Amy on our Athletic Board, that itself is a mile-stone for our brand. She is the most influential sports promoter combining the Asian and U.S. market right now."

Amy Zhou on the collaboration: "It's [The SPARBAR Pro] an ideal product, for both athletes and the mass community. The genius is in the simplicity. It's also got its sophistication level, it's multipurpose, that makes it really unique. Because of its uniqueness I really admire that the founder has the vision and the imagination to bring this product to the market," and adds "It is well received not only by myself, but by the industry we're working in."

Amy served as a safety consultant for professional bodyguards for 35 national political figures. She has hosted a number of sporting events including a professional basketball star event, Super Cup star event, United Nations Sports and Peace Stars Gala, World Boxing Championships professional game and World Mine Motorcycle Competition. She has also been a guest speaker at a number of events including at the Doha Sports Elite Leadership Forum in Qatar, the Special Olympics Los Angeles Elite Forum, the World Sports Elite Managers Forum and for Chinese brands at the United Nations Promotion Forum.

Amy is specifically excited about SPARBAR's efforts within the Youth Ambassador program. "Sparbar promotes good values to the community, and it helps children and youth to build up their self confidence, their relationships, and the interaction with strangers. This is something that really helps the youth in their personal development, as well as for their health and fitness," she says and adds: "There is not only this massive potential of the product, but the contribution to the community that is highly beneficial."


The SPARBAR® products provide ideal groundwork for beginners and for professionals to develop their own training program and workout pace. They allow you to adjust to your skills as you improve your own unique technique. Each SPARBAR device is a perfect all-in-one equipment for all ages. The products react to your power level and respond to your personal level of skills.

This is the secret of SPARBAR - the better you get, the more challenging your SPARBAR will be.

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